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Simon Fraser 4thDan. so no Hombu, Coach Level 2


Simon Fraser (4th Dan Aikikai) taking Ukemi from Don Morgan (7th Dan Aikikai)


I started my martial arts training in 1974 in Tonga with Judo which I studied for 4 years under Australian John Kiel ( 1st Dan) . The next 15 years were taken up with Rugby, Swimming, Golf and Running. I started Aikido in 1992 under Kanetsuka Shihan (8th Dan Aikikai) at the Oxford University Dojo with the British Aikido Federation (B.A.F) and also spent 8 years training with Alex Megann (5th Dan Aikikai ) at the Southampton University Dojo between 1995 to 2003. I have trained regularly with Kanetsuka Shihan as a member of his Ryushinkan Dojo in London since 1995 and have accompanied him on Aikido seminars abroad in Poland, France, Russia, and Spain over the past ten years. In 2004 Kanetsuka Shihan asked me to become the Senior Instructor at the Sevenoaks Aikido Shoshinkan club when Phil Loftus (5th Dan Aikikai) returned to Canada. I was awarded Sandan (3rd Dan Aikikai) by Kanetsuka Shihan and Kanazawa Shihan in 2013 at the B.A.F Summer School. I train regularly with senior Aikido instructors within the B.A.F and from the Aikikai in the U.K. and abroad. I also study Kashima Shinryu and Katori Shinto Ryu Sword styles as part of enhancing my Aikido Training and supplement my fitness and flexibility with Yoga, Golf and Running.


Ben Forrest 2nd Dan So no Hombu Coach Level 2

I began Aikido training in 2002, practising in the Tomiki-style system. I was graded to Shodan (1st Dan) in November 2005 and to Nidan (2nd Dan) in July 2007.

However,I became increasingly interested in traditional Aikido and in August 2007 I ventured to Sevenoaks Shoshinkan Aikido to try a traditional Aikido class for myself.
I knew immediately that I had found the Aikido I was looking for and began to attend the Sevenoaks dojo on a regular basis.I officially joined the British Aikido Federation in October 2007 and by Spring 2008 I had ceased regular practice of Tomiki-style Aikido altogether.

I was awarded Shodan (1st Dan, Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo) in August 2011 by Shihan Takeshi Kanazawa (7th Dan) and Shihan Minoru Kanetsuka (7th Dan).



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